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Spa and Bath Air Buttons

Len Gordon
#4 Lite Touch Air Button

White, #950401-000

Air Button, White

950401-000 Len Gordon
#4 Lite Touch Air Button

Qty:  Price: $26.32


This air button supplies the air pressure used to control a variety of electrical devices.

The air is transmitted through air tubing to activate an air switch, which in turn provides either on/off or high speed/low speed control of a variety of equipment such as a pump, a light, or an air blower.

This button is used with standard 1/8" inside diameter air tubing.

Face Diameter: 1-3-4"
Body Diameter: 1-1/32"
Total Length: 3-3/16"
Includes: Button body, button internal bellows
  mounting nut, gasket

Top and Side View

Top and Side View

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