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Splash-Pak 42-2123-16-R DE Filter Grid
Used in the DE 55

(Click here for a larger view)

Side View

Dimensions and Specifications
  Height: 18" (Top of grid body)
18-3/4" (Top of center rod)
  Width: 8-1/2 "
Thickness: 7/16" (Flat portion of body)

This is one of the 2 grid sizes used in the Splash Pak DE 55 filter. 4 of the 8-1/2" wide and 2 of the 7" wide grids are used in each filter.

This is flat, with a round black connection tube about
1" in diameter running top to bottom, close to the center. The body consists of a plastic frame about 7/16" thick with filter material attached on the outside. The dimensions shown are for the plastic frame, so the actual measurements of the grid will be slightly larger.

42-2123-16-R DE Filter Grid

Qty:  Price: $36.57

Additional Parts

The DE 55 filter was made by Jacuzzi under the Splash Pak brand name. This is the same filter internally as the Jacuzzi Landslide LS-55. The only difference is the filter tank, which is black in the LS-55 and gray in this filter.

For ease of use we list parts for both of these filters.
For additional parts, see the 2 links just below.

Jacuzzi LS-55 parts

Splash Pak DE 55 parts
Connector Details

The grids attach to the bottom manifold with the round connector shown above. The connector is black plastic and extends about 3/4 inches beyond the end of the grid. There is a slot about 1/4 inch wide on one side.

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