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Pentair Clean & Clear Plus
Filter Cartridge # R173576

Used in the CCP420
(After 11-1998)

(Click here for a larger view)

Side View

Top View

Bottom View

Dimensions and Specifications
  Diameter 7"
  Top 3 " Hole
  Bottom 3" Hole
  Pleats 168
  Square Ft. 105 sq ft

This is the 105 square foot cartridge used in the Clean and Clear Plus model CCP420. There are a total of 4 used in each filter.
This is the version used in filters made 11-1198 and later.

For the earlier version cartridge, R173575, which is 20" long, see below.

Replacement Pool Filter Cartridge
Part # R173576

Qty:  Price: $87.50

(See below for a complete set of 4)

Related Cartridge
Low Cost Pleatco

7" Diameter
26" Long

There are 4 elements used in each filter.
This is a complete set of 4 - 105 sq ft cartridges.

Complete CCP420 Filter Set
4 Filter Cartridges

Qty:  Price: $335.50

Owner's Manual

For an owner's manual click the link below.
This is in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format.

Owners Manual
Complete Filter
Clean and Clear Plus
Cartridge Filter

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